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Verbatim Cd-Rw 700Mb 2X-4X Datalifeplus Silver Inkjet Printable With Branded Hub - 50Pk Spindle

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With a silver inkjet printable surface qualified for high-resolution photo-quality disc printing, DataLife Plus Silver Inkjet Printable CD-RWs provide exceptional printing and recording performance on CD/DVD inkjet printers and duplicators


CD-RW discs are compatible with CD-RW drives up to 4X speed.

Optimized for both graphic and text printing, surface is ideal for reliable ink absorption during the printing process resulting in fast ink drying and durable, longer-lasting colors

Rewrite data, images or audio files up to 1, 000 times and play back in multi-read CD and DVD drives

Silver surface provides luminescent background for vibrant rich colors

Super Azo CD-R recording delivers performance and reliability

Uniquely coated discs are compatible for high-resolution printing on all major CD/DVD printers and provide a distinctive luminescent background resulting in rich, vibrant color reproduction of photos, graphics or other images