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Sartorius 17528--80----Bzd, 3" Gelatin Membrane Filter

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Sartorius, 17528--80----BZD, 3" Gelatin Membrane Filter, Individually Sterile, Triple Bagged Gelatine filters, in conjunction with the MD8 air samplers (gelatine filter method), are used for collection of airborne microbes and viruses


Features Absolute retention rate 99.9995 for Bac

Gelatine filter disposables are individually packaged, pre-sterilized and ready-to-connect units, each consisting of a gelatine membrane filter and a holder

Niger, 99.94 for T3 phages The filter maintains the viability of collected microorganisms for a relevant and meaningful sampling time Gelatine filters are completely water-soluble, therefore microbes in one sample can be cultivated in/on different nutrient media or low and high bacteria counts can be measured - the sample is not affected by inhibitors The solubility of the gelatine filter is a prerequisite for virus sampling