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Pace Technologies Ny-3014-Mag, Nypad 14" Diameter Polishing Pad

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Pace Technologies, NY-3014-MAG, Nypad 14" Diameter Polishing Pad with Magnetic Rubber Backing Polishing is the most important step in preparing a specimen for micro-structural analysis


Cloths for polishing vary by the height of their fiber, known as the nap and by the stiffness or resiliency of the fiber

Conversely, higher napped polishing cloths provide a more gentle abrasive interaction for the final polish.

Ideally the amount of damage produced during cutting and grinding was minimized through proper blade and abrasive grinding so that polishing can be minimized

In general, the lower nap also non-woven and stiffer fiber cloths are used for the rough polishing steps

It is the step which is required to completely eliminate previous damage

Nypad - this is a low napped silk polishing pad for intermediate polishing primarily with intermediate dia-mond abrasives

These types of polishing cloths or pads are very effective in removing sectioning damage done by cutting and coarse grinding