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9W/11W Submersible Uv Sterilizer Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Light Water Disinfection Treatment

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Specification: Rated voltage: 220~240V 50/60Hz Power: 9W/11W Service life; 10000 hours Features: 1






Mainly used for filtration and disinfection of fish tank

Package included 1 x Fish Tank Sterilizer 2 x Support frame Note 1

Please avoid direct contact with light, ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the skin

Please put it in the filtration system and let the water pass through the lamp

The light wave length of the application ,the sterilization effect is excellent ,the ultraviolet rays-generated by the water bacteria, viruses, algae abatement ,to ensure that the fish tank water clear and bright, inhibit the growth and spread of fish bacteria

The use of quartz glass tube high transmittance with the function of sterilization ,the effect of super ,easy to use

With external switch controller, control switch, absolute safety, service life of up to about 10000 hours